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  • My advice / My idea: Network is a very broad notion. And certainly much more than the simple “commercial network", or the potential partners – public, private, non-profit, ... - of your projects. Think more "resources", perhaps ! And this, in all the dimensions of your company: suppliers, collaborators, direct or indirect, prescribers, customers ... Everyone you're going to want to work with, in fact... This raises a question: how can they be concerned by your project: your "economic model", your values, ... This should bring us back to the strategy side. (to be seen later!)
  • My expertise about the subject: With Combustible, but also as a trainer, I have worked with all types of companies, small, large, public, private, underground ... from a wide range of sectors (performing arts, visual arts, libraries, museums, ...) In coaching, training, consulting, auditing ... And I still work with a lot of companies mainly in the music business (festivals, venues, producers, .)
  • My potential limits as a mentor: Each project has its own context, history and environment. I can tell you a little about the French context, public partners, performing arts networks ... but, to go elsewhere, you will need mentors who know the territory you want to discover!
  • What expertise I’d like to find among the network, to complete mine?: That of very different territories, precisely, other ways of doing things! And the possibility of imagining new crossings?
  • My dedicated supporting documents:

    Télécharger : bm_canvas_culture_english.pdf

    Télécharger : bm_canvas_culture_daitails_franaaais.pdf

  • Why it's relevant? How to use it?:

    The business model canvas is a classic strategic management tool.
    The one we propose here has been developed for cultural companies in Europe ...
    So you will find different ways to name things.
    In English, and in French !
    As far as the "network" is concerned, focus on : "with whom?", "channels", "key resources and activities" .... That's where it's at!

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