• Informations: Musician / Entrepreneur / Professor
  • Country:
  • My advice / My idea:

    Everything has to start with properly identifying who your audience is and then reverse engineering how you would reach them. There's no reason to guess at this. Show your product/service to people and out of the people who seem to genuinely love it, look for patterns in where their attention is. Are there commonalities to who they follow online? Are there commonalities to which artists they listen to? Etc.

    Then, use that data to inform what your marketing plans should be. If lots of people who like your product/service say they also like something unrelated to you, you should still market to that audience.

  • My expertise about the subject: I currently run marketing campaigns for multiple major record labels. Have also created online services used by thousands.
  • My potential limits as a mentor: Mainly experienced in music and web contexts.
  • What expertise I’d like to find among the network, to complete mine?: New tactics to market when more and more people allow algorithms to curate their consumption more than who they follow.

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