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  • My advice / My idea: First, I want to share some bad advice: if you had the idea, you’re the boss! Now, in real life: not every creative person could be also a good manager, and you have to deal with it. And start thinking about what is your core competence and what, on the other hand, is delegable. If you have fear of losing control of your idea, you’re right: this could definitely happen. But good mentors can surely help you choose the right governance structure for your team.
  • My expertise about the subject: As a researcher I studied a lot about management and human resources. I learned that great teams are about personalities, not skills (you can read it also on HBR). I also worked for two years as HR Manager in a big company. I consider myself an experienced arguer and I can share some success cases too.
  • My potential limits as a mentor: Every aspect of a project is strongly connected. A specific advice on the team could be useless without a good legal, strategic and also psychological mentorship! So, my potential limit as a mentor is that (luckily) I’m not a lawyer and neither a psychologist.
  • What expertise I’d like to find among the network, to complete mine?: In my career I worked with big companies and with micro start-ups, always in the design and tech field. I’d love to find industry-specific expertise in the music industry.
  • My dedicated supporting documents:

    Télécharger : cipolla_laws.pdf

  • Why it's relevant? How to use it?:

    Carlo Cipolla was a famous Italian economic historian. He also teached in Berkeley University, in California. “The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity” is a short essay written for his friends, very ironic and brilliant. I’m sure it could still be more helpful than a Harvard Business Review article or a TED talk!


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