• Informations: CEO
  • Organisation: Vectorealism
  • Country:
  • My advice / My idea: If you’re at the very beginning of your project, my suggestion is to let you guide by funding opportunities in your scenario. For example, there are specific calls for NGO, non-profits, associations or private companies. You can even structure your organization based on the typical funding opportunity or even temporarily just to apply for a contract (in Italy we have a specific legal form for that called ATS - "associazione temporanea di imprese").
  • My expertise about the subject: I am actually the CEO of a private company, President of the “Make in Italy” association, and a Board member of “CPSM” association. For each of these experiences I had to develop negotiation skills to deal with notaries and lawyers, and I learned the potential benefit of good legal advice.
  • My potential limits as a mentor: I can share my experience for sure but legal stuff is very specific and often requires dealing with specialists.
  • What expertise I’d like to find among the network, to complete mine?: Legal consultancy could be very expensive, but the good news is that this kind of advice could be easily shared among a network to build a “knowledge base” of basic legal stuff needed to start a cultural project.
  • My dedicated supporting documents:

    Télécharger : statuto_di_associazione.docx

  • Why it's relevant? How to use it?:

    This is the statute of my “Make in Italy” association. Unfortunately it’s in only Italian, but it’s a good example of the core governance document of a non-profit organization in Italy. It contains a lot of rules about how to take decisions, about operations and the purpose of the association. This kind of documents are usually (but not mandatorily) written by a notary, but their core content is always sent up to the founder.

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