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  • My advice / My idea: You could start with this point! Or finish on it... Because, quite often, strategic intentions appear along the way... For a fairly obvious reason: nothing will go as planned! But it is nevertheless good to look into this question, which can turn out to be rather inextricable... "Where do we want to go?". This obliges you to adopt a very global vision of all the questions that could arise for you to start and develop your project. Money, people, territories, your values, taxation, social law, banks, your network, your idea of art... The question of consistency is key here! It is not a question of planning everything, but of trying to find harmony between all the dimensions of your business... (the business-model canvas is a very appropriate tool for this reason, even if doing business is not your goal!) Or, rather, go for it, and see...
  • My expertise about the subject: With Combustible, but also as a trainer, I have worked with all types of companies, small, large, public, private, underground ... In coaching, training, consulting, auditing ... For start-ups, but also artist squats... And I still work with a lot of companies in the music business (festivals, venues, producers, .)
  • My potential limits as a mentor: With Combustible, we work rather for non-profit projects. One of the reasons is that, in France, the cultural sector has historically been conceived in terms of a mixed economy. Sales, but also subsidies! If your approach is that of a start-up with strong commercial objectives ... we may not be the best to help you. However, strategic management is still an international language!
  • What expertise I’d like to find among the network, to complete mine?: E.M.A.'s network of mentors is here to allow us to share ideas, experiences, find appropriate solutions. And, perhaps, innovative!
  • My dedicated supporting documents:

    Télécharger : 1._business_model_canvas.pdf

    Télécharger : 2._eisenhardt_making_fast_decisions_amj_1989.pdf

    Télécharger : 3._calvin__hobbes_-_last_minute_panic.pdf

  • Why it's relevant? How to use it?:

    The business canvas, again. To think that everything revolves around your project, your "value proposition".
    And the reverse is also true!

    To dig deeper... A research article, in English, which constitutes a reference on the question of strategic management. A lot of complicated words, but try anyway.

    And the more simplified version!!

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