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  • Organisation: Vectorealism
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  • My advice / My idea:

    In the last few years a lot of strategy gurus have sprung up, and it’s quite easy to find answers and advice on the internet, like the famous HMW question (“How might we”), the “one secret phrase that all top innovators use.” From my point of view, strategy is simply looking beyond your nose. If you see a “big picture” you're a lucky guy. But also a “medium-size picture” could fit most of the projects.

  • My expertise about the subject: In my career I worked with top-level business strategy consultants, mostly for big companies. One of the catchphrases that I heard the most in that environment was “give me the clock, I’ll tell you what time it is”, meaning that sometimes the work of a consultant is simply to “reveal” something that is already there, not to find anything new.
  • My potential limits as a mentor: My experience as a business consultant could lead me to use tools, approaches and mindset that fits big companies more than small scale creative projects.
  • What expertise I’d like to find among the network, to complete mine?: As for the other topics, I’d love to hear music industry specific advice.
  • My dedicated supporting documents:

    Télécharger : vectorealism_ideas_collections_sheet.pdf

  • Why it's relevant? How to use it?:

    “Vectorealism ideas collection sheet” is the “first assessment” questionnaire tool that we use in Vectorealism to evaluate projects for incubation, sponsorship or mentoring programs. It is a synthesis of what we consider relevant and a useful tool to organize and present an idea.

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